Friday, June 24, 2011

Cooking, It can be fun!

For most who know me cooking is something I enjoy...somewhat. It's not the actual cooking part I hate it's the cleanup I dread more then anything. You see...when I try a new recipe something devastating happens in the kitchen. Somehow every pot, fork, spoon, spatula, plate, bowl, cutting board, etc. gets used. Then what only took an hour or two to dirty up now will take me the rest of the day to get clean. BIG SIGH!!! And I'm sure there are a million other women out there who feel the same way. What are we to do? Well ladies I have an answer for you. I have discovered that if I cook things that I want to eat cleanup is not always so bad. I have discovered a cookbook that I love!! It is called The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It is easy to cook simple recipes that are very flavorful. Comfort foods. So if your looking to lose weight, this is not the cookbook for you. But if you have a man in the house that likes man food (steak and potato kind of man) then this cookbook is for you. Last night I made BBQ Meatballs and Creamy Mashed Potatos!!YUM YUM YUM Not enough words to describe how much these dishes blessed my tastebuds. And then this morning I tried the Sour Cream Pancakes. Heaven on a plate!!! These were good enough to eat without the syrup, but I went ahead and put it on them anyway. I mean lets face it pancakes are not pancakes without syrup!!! Now the only question is what to try next. The braised beef brisket or the chicken fried steak with pan gravy??? I'll let you know later.

Here is last nights supper!
I know, I know...your mouth is watering...Sorry!!!!


  1. It was a very good supper, except for the onions!

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